Wilden XPX220  AODD pumps are clamped models available in either plastic or metal. XPX220 pumps can generate maximum pressures of 8.6 bar and flows of up to 18 l/min.

Wilden XPX220 Pump Housing Materials

Polypropylene, PVDF, Aluminum, stainless steel and hastelloy.

Wilden XPX220 Pump Diaphragm Materials

Buna-N -12°C to 82°C (10°F to 180°F)
FKM -40°C to 177°C (-40°F to 350°F)
Neoprene -18°C to 93°C (0°F to 200°F)
PTFE* 4°C to 104°C (40°F to 220°F)
Wil-Flex™ -40°C to 107°C (-40°F to 225°F)